• analysis of the 8 relevant genes
  • evaluation of your innate qualities
  • Weight loss program adapted to your genetic profile
  • More than 900 food rated according to your genes
  • report with more than 100 pages
  • Results of the molecular genetic analysis
  • Free access to DNAnutriControl Portal

What questions can this analysis answer?

  • Eight genes are tested as part of this analysis, which will provide answers to questions about obesity and weight loss:
  • Your genetic predisposition to obesity!
  • Is obesity caused by fat, in your case?
  • Is obesity caused by carbohydrates, in your case?
  • How strong is the Yoyo-Effect in your case?
  • Is fat deposited around your organs?
  • How intense is your hunger?
  • How intense is your satiety?
  • Do you tend to have a diet particularly rich in calories, due to your genes?
  • Do you tend to eat several small snacks, because of your genes?
  • How effective is calorie reduction (eating less) for losing weight?
  • How much muscle mass do you lose by a reduction in calories?
  • What relationship between strength and endurance sports is recommended for you?
  • What can you eat without problems and what should you avoid?

Weight gain and weight loss techniques

Based on the human genetic analysis of your saliva sample, our scientists evaluate your genetic profile and prepare a customized weight loss program.

A list of over 900 foods, which are valued according to your genes, can help you to quickly and effectively lose weight, and easily maintain your desired weight.

The analyzed genes

The analysis includes eight genes that have an impact on your optimum weight loss program: FABP2 (rs1799883), PPARG (rs1801382), ADRB2 (rs1042713), ADRB2 (rs1042714), ADRB3 (rs4994), FTO (rs9939609), APOA2 (rs5082), APOA5 (rs662799)