Weight Sensor Testimonials


I have tried many diets so far. None of them have really worked. It is a lot easier with DNA nutria Control to eat healthy and well, also as a working person. The recipes from the menu portal can be cooked quickly and easily. In my workplace colleagues are often amazed when I come with a new recipe. I had already lost so much weight after three weeks that I could wear pants that were one size smaller. I look forward to each new day, to each new recipe, and also to the exercise that I will do. Many people I know have already asked me about this, and I can only recommend DNA nutri Control to them. I feel a lot better thanks to this program. I realize also that I am enjoying exercise more and more. Great and THANK YOU.

Franziska K.

If you are employed and travel a lot, the program is hard to apply. The analysis is very informative. Because we have a child, it took a lot of effort to make different meals. My wife took part in your program at the same time, and her analysis is the opposite of mine. This fact made it even harder. The program is highly recommended for single people. The exercise program is easy to implement and I’m going to continue with it. The comprehensive analysis is great. You know which foods your body reacts to.

Eric D.

Even though "Lose weight according to your genes" is comprehensively designed, the program did not only help me reduce my weight - I also got great insight into my physical weaknesses, as well as my bodily needs. Surprisingly, it is not absolutely necessary to eat little, but rather what you eat is important. Since I'm not really a fan of athletics, I was happy that minor activities were equally accepted or mentioned (e.g. housework).

Verena S.

I adhered to the food lists in the book but found the computer program a bit too complicated. I was pleasantly surprised to receive such a comprehensive and comprehensible book. This way you know what sports type you are and if there is a risk of a yo-yo effect. The most benefit I got from the food lists. They advise you which foods you should prefer. This knowledge stays with you, and you can always refer to it. I was surprised to learn that there are big differences even between different types of fruit. I will now also stick to this program during my holidays in an all-inclusive hotel. I've seen a great weight reduction, already a full 3 kg in the first week of gene diet. I’ve never achieved that before. Many thanks for this.

Adelheid T.

The results were very interesting and easier to implement than I thought. It was also admirable that first successes were achieved from the first or second day. It’s fun to stick to it because there are no direct restrictions, only the categories of good and less good foods. As a result, the diet was very simple. I would even say that it isn’t really a diet, but more like a push for a new attitude towards life. Even though you can commit minor offences, they don’t make much of a difference. All in all I can only recommend this program to everybody.

Christian P.

It was hard to stick to the program at first. It is very tempting to eat something else. It felt easier after a while. You have to overcome it at first. Soon after, you know what you can eat and what to keep away from.
It is difficult when the weight doesn’t change, even though you are only eating products from the green list, you are not losing weight. Perseverance is key, but this is a big help. Thank you!

Ulrike N.

I rarely felt hungry, the craving for sweets was very low. It is also easy to apply this at work. It is also possible during free time (visiting a bar). You should not have to explain yourself to your friends for being on a “diet,” however, they’ll then ask how it’s so “simple” to lose weight. I am very pleasantly surprised, when you stick largely to the green bars, you lose weight.

Gabriele A.

My personal genetic analysis is interesting and written very comprehensively. The detailed information on the color scale in particular was appealing and easily understood. I had always avoided carbohydrates when trying to lose weight and was very pleasantly surprised that carbohydrates don’t even lead to me being overweight. I also have 5 meals now instead of 3. >I eat less because of this and don’t get any cravings. The item system is great for me because I can put my meals together easily and quickly. I have lost 5,7 kg in three weeks and feel good all round. The exercise program was sometimes a bit much for me during the first phase, and when you work full-time, it is not easy to implement. Kind regards and thank you!

Gabi W.

I found the first few weeks great. I already had a lot of success with small and easy rules. The glass of water before a meal is very useful. The exercise program was hard at first. I often found it difficult to bring myself to do the daily walks in temperatures as low as -10°C. It is also hard to eat the right amounts, I still have to practice that more. The key to success will be a healthy diet with healthy foods. Not really the genes. That’s my conclusion!

Nico Z.

Weight loss through drinking plenty of water. I have given up Coca Cola and sugary drinks. I also stopped eating sweets. I have always added vegetables. I also ate much fruit and added salads. Because I work in a warehouse, I did not add much sport. But we met up on weekends to play volleyball and go hiking. I lost a lot of weight already from the start. The waistline is visibly reduced. I am going to carry on with the program. Thank you for letting me take part, I’m going to recommend this program.

Heinz T.

The program was very informative. I had been assuming that I tolerate carbohydrates and don’t gain weight, but it was good to see it in black and white. Questions got very quickly answered. It is also good that you can eat anything with this system. It was sometimes difficult to gauge the portions, especially in a restaurant. There were several foods missing from the chart. It would’ve been good to know if you can calculate the items yourself. Apart from that, I am very satisfied. A mobile app that counts the items would be nice, and the food chart needs to be expanded. Apart from that, super & many thanks!

Bettina M.

I was surprised that you could lose weight despite taking in carbohydrates and very shocked by how many food items contain fat. Also, regarding the amounts of food. I always thought that I didn’t eat a lot, but now I am told otherwise. The whole thing has been very useful to me, and I can only recommend it to everyone. It is a bit difficult at first, but when you get going, it is easy to follow. The sports page is also good, you get to know exactly how much you’ve done or how much you still need to do. I am also satisfied with the 2 kg!

Carola F.

I am satisfied with the result after 6 to 8 weeks. With this analysis, you have a clear target that you can stick to. I also find it really great that you can lose weight here in a normal and healthy manner. The fact that I’ve already tried one or the other diet and never achieved the weight I got to now, shows that these diets can be successful only in the short term, but not in the long term.
With this program, you do not have to sacrifice anything which makes losing weight a little bit easier, because you can organize your daily intake yourself. I had hardly any problems to follow this system, and I will definitely continue using this method until I reach my desired weight. Furthermore, you only have to weigh everything in the beginning, but after about a week, you are very good at guessing the amounts. I also find the %-presentation of the nutritional values great.

Tamara O.

I found the Gene Analysis diet great. At first I was shocked initially how many pages long my result was, but after reading it I understood a lot better. I also thought at the beginning: "Oh God, exercise every day, I'll never be able to make it," but strangely enough, it was easy to stick to it. I have lost 5 kilos with the program after my pregnancy and am really proud. I'd never thought that the genes provided so much indication on the correct, and above all, the most effective way to lose weight. The report was clear and unambiguous. The instructions were comprehensible. At first it was difficult, of course, but I gradually got used to the change of diet. I was did not feel hungry any more between meals. I will definitely continue the gene diet to reduce my weight by 5 more kilos.

Melanie K.

At first it was difficult to stick to the program. Above all, to stick to the eating plan and the exercise plan. You inevitably catch out yourself going back to your old habits once in a while. I saw the success very quickly on the scales and the kilos just melted away. The eating plan has been very helpful in getting closer to my goal. The exercise plan has also been very helpful in achieving my target. I can recommend it to everyone! My starting weight was 127 kg and through the genetic analysis and weight loss according to my genes I lost 10 kg, which is a huge success for me. I still have more kg to lose before I reach my target weight. With this program I am confident that I will achieve this.

Jörg K.

The menu portal was understandable and the reports were well written. Exercise is sometimes difficult to incorporate into everyday life. So is the eating plan. The success of the program was ok. I think the success of the Fex treatment for anorexia is better. I might do the treatment / program again.

R. Erwin H.

The report was very helpful. I had already tried to lose weight in the past by eating a healthy diet, eating a lot of bread (and other carbohydrates) in the process. Because of the report, I know now that I tend to gain weight through exactly these foods. Now I know what is well tolerated by my body and can apply that well “most of the time.” Because of the constant yet “slow” progress, I am motivated to continue, and I am optimistic that I can maintain my weight in the future.

Monika K.

It was considerably easier to follow this program because I basically didn’t have to sacrifice anything, and I didn’t have to starve. Because you somehow know that it works, it was then easier for me to stick to the quantities. The test result was an interesting read and is very clearly structured. Perhaps a small, additional extract of the food list could have been helpful (to carry along). In the beginning it was still astonishing because one wasn't able to gauge the volumes yet. By now one has already a better feel for it. I am definitely going to continue with this. I haven’t felt this good for a very long time. My biggest problem was when I was not alone (on holiday) because every host is almost offended when you eat only small amounts and don’t try all the cakes.

Jasmin S.

I was pleasantly surprised by the length of the personal report. It was great to find out what I had done right or wrong in my past attempts to lose weight. Now I know that genetically, I have little tendency to gain weight. It all comes down to habit. I’ll endeavor not to fall back into my old habits in the future, and to stay physically active. I will continue to use the online portal.

Dominik E.

The first two weeks were somewhat difficult because of the change and the time required (think about what you can eat, weighing…). It wouldn’t be very effective without exercise. I was lazy for a few days, and it it showed (standstill). My diet was 100% vegetarian. Meat, fish – all red items. That is discouraging, but I’ll continue to use this method. The same applied to a few sweets. I expected to lose more weight after 3 weeks without alcohol or sweets, but I am still satisfied. Weighing yourself daily can be demotivating because of the variations. What I find very good is that there are items that don’t count, that makes it easier to satisfy your hunger, and it is good for the soul. The feeling of hunger is always there in the first two weeks. From the third week, you quickly achieve repletion. Thank you!

Iris K.

It was all very confusing at first. You had to pay very close attention in the beginning. Because I don’t like the recipe suggestions, I had to come up with my own ideas and combine them with my usual diet. To use the scales (kitchen scales) already in the morning is not easy. Some things surprised me, like you cannot eat as many bean sprouts as you like, but about 600 g carrots per day. 35 g chickpeas was more than I thought. I wasn't sure if chickpeas and noodles had to be weighed raw. I have done it that way. You must have a lot of discipline. There is simply no other way to lose weight.

Eva S.

The set of samples was confusing at first because it contained the contents of different samples. The explanation was simple and good, though. The booklet was very comprehensive, but logically structured. All was explained well. The food list is very extensive. Nothing was missing. Online portal – performance – there is nothing more to be said about this. I didn’t use it – pity. I manually copied the articles (green) which I like eating, from the booklet.

Edith K.

I assume the program is good, but for me only usable to a very limited extent. With some items I can put together meals. However, the suggested recipes in the report as well as on the online portal are useless to me. You are motivated to stick to the program, to do something, by the daily entries in the booklet. I personally find it hard to cut so many calories during meals. I’d rather burn more calories by exercising. I’m lagging somewhat with my weight loss, as I unfortunately started with the program before Christmas and didn’t quite achieve the calorie reduction during the holidays. I will keep trying to at least partly stick to the program. You should try to take individual diseases / incompatibilities / cases of intolerance more into account. Thank you.

Christine K.

It is hard to put this program into practice because of work (working hours and where I live). I do think that it will work, however. I’ll come back to you in 6 months with a conclusion. 3 weeks are simply not long enough to come to a conclusion.

Volkmar K.

I got my confirmation that if I eat foods from the list with the green bars, I can maintain my weight and lose weight. I achieve something with daily exercise or movement. After a while, foods that are too sweet or too fatty don’t taste good anymore. I am not fit if I don’t drink at least 2l of water per day. Unfortunately, I am always 2 kg off my ideal weight. I will still order the cookbook, so that I can plan better for the week. The menu portal takes too long to put together a weekly plan. It is easy to stick to it when I eat out. Questions were answered quickly via e-mail. I have already been taking food supplements for a long time, I’m wondering if I’m going to take them according to my genes in future. I find the individual analyses good and pay attention to it now. The food list is a good thing, I am going to order the 100 personalized recipes.

Erika G.

The program is very good. The combination of exercise and diet plan was designed perfectly. You could eat plenty and varied while dieting. For the exercise program no big effort was necessary, and you didn’t have to force yourself but could do what you enjoyed. The book was / is very detailed and well structured. I could work well with it. The recipes were easy to make and very delicious. My stomach and bowel problems improved because of the balanced diet. The only thing I didn’t like was the website. I found it a bit complicated and unclear. I am very satisfied with the diet. The success of losing 3kg speaks for itself. Thanks a lot!

Jenny K.

I was not aware that I don’t have a sense of hunger or repletion, but after I got the analysis, I paid more attention to it, and it’s true. The topics “Muscle Development Type” and “Sport and Calorie Type” were also interesting because I like my exercise a lot and know now that I am doing the right thing. The type analysis is very helpful, and I’ve internalized the strategy analysis during this time.

Carima G.

Well, I found and find it great, one can eat eat almost anything. Ok, sometimes more and sometimes less, but it works. The book with the different colored bars was good because I could see very quickly what I could and could not eat; and I always had it handy so that I didn’t have to always be on the PC. The food was very varied, and I stuck to it and found that my stomach wasn’t as bloated anymore. The exercise program is great and easy to implement. So I think that 2kg less is really great for me, and I’m carrying on with it! Kudos to you! Keep it up!

Michaela K.

The program has helped me to better understand my body. It helps me to eat correctly in my everyday life (eat four meals a day). It isn’t always easy, but the program provides really good alternatives. I didn’t have to starve in the three weeks, I ate what I liked and what I wanted. I could lose weight because of lower volumes (for instance less pasta) of the items per day. I am going to keep using this program to get to my final target weight.

Carolin B.

I was very surprised by the result that I react so strongly to fat and carbohydrates. Now I know why other diets never worked. That is because I always thought that oils were so healthy, but I didn’t know that I was gaining weight from them. I followed the program in general, but every little sin was punished immediately (weight). I was also surprised regarding the nuts because I enjoyed eating them so much. For a few days I had some difficulties because my son was moving house, but I could compensate those bad meals through higher energy consumption.

Josef R.

As an employed person, I found the weight loss phase very hard to integrate into everyday life because I often get home late. It was manageable for a week, but it would probably be hard to keep up with it for several weeks. Looking for items in the chart was awkward to do at first because I had to search for a long time, it was also hard to convert high quantities of fruit for example, when I had only eaten little of it. Overall, I was always full with my 5 meals during the day. I found the low consumption of fat difficult. The exercise program’s stabilization phases were easy to implement, as I generally exercise a lot. In the 2nd stabilization phase, almost too many items were listed, I often did not have to eat that many.

Anika N.

The program is designed for people who can get free time. It is very difficult, if not impossible in my work in the rescue services because I don’t know if I’m going to be eating at 12, 1 or 3 o’clock. I can’t go into a shop in between to get something to eat and stick to the program at the same time. But the exercise (evening walks) my wife and I will continue to do together.

Christian W.

I would like to start off by saying that I am satisfied with the result. However, I had to be very disciplined to achieve it. In the first week I was struggling a lot with hunger. Being limited to about 1000 kcal per week is quite a change that the body has to cope with. In the second and third week it went a bit better, probably because my metabolism had slowed down. I almost always had chopped vegetables on me in order to not give in to cravings. They have few calories, and my stomach was kept busy. Additionally, I drank 2.5 - 3 liters of water / tea per day. Before I even began to diet, I had to make some preparations so that I had the right ingredients at home and was not tempted by anything else. I also put a rough plan together with what I could eat. Most applicable to me were the variants of the article system and foods with the green bars. I tried the menu portal, but it was not user friendly enough for me to work with. The website is too slow for me, and there was not enough choice. Fixed menus don't suit me, they constrain me even more; a diet is already very restrictive, and I simply needed more flexibility when eating. I also kept the daily exercise program flexible. I had to integrate it into my everyday life somehow. For me it was important that I wrote it down afterwards and thereby got to the prescribed amount of burned calories per week. In principle the information from the analysis has assisted me to consciously avoid certain foods and to eat differently in order to lose weight. I will continue to do that in future. The system works. I like it a lot, but I’m not going to be as strict with it in the coming weeks and months, even though I’ll then lose weight at a slower pace. I see the danger of throwing it all away at some point because it is strenuous and comes with a lot of sacrifices. It is hard to keep up with for months. I will continue to eat foods with the green bars, but it will no longer be only 1000 kcal per day. These three weeks were a good start into a dietary change, but an ongoing diet is not for me. Exercising daily (running, walking, yoga, pilates, workout) has been a constant fight with my inner demons, but I could conquer them by changing often between exercises. In those three weeks, I lost 2.6 kg, and I find that quite a lot; now it is even 3kg. I ate even more vegetables during that time than before. I’ve cut down a bit on fruit and have completely stopped eating wheat products and sweets. That diet I can stick to also in the long term, but not always with only 1,000 kcal per day. I didn’t like the daily weigh-in much, even though I was surprised to see that I lost weight almost every day. It is probably not a surprise, because I always went to bed hungry. Nevertheless this is not for me, because it was quite depressing on days where the scales showed more than the day before, or when nothing happened at all, even if I know that it has to do with varying amounts of water in the body. In summary: It was a good start to a dietary change, but in the long term, I cannot keep up with this program for months. The experience I had shows that it works, and the results of the analysis have helped me.

Karina S.

I think that such a comprehensive program would be more meaningful if it was accompanied by a doctor / dietitian. Too much information at once. Also, I don’t want to be dependent on my computer in my leisure time as well, I already sit in front of it all day at work. In my opinion, it is way too awkward and tedious to pick out every individual food, weigh them exactly, etc. As mentioned before, such a program is useful during treatment or if monitored by a doctor.

Marion W.

I have been looking for a suitable method to lose weight for a long time. The last 6 kg from my pregnancy just won't go. I was all the more excited when I heard about this program. I was actually surprised to see that, with the exception of a few foods, I already avoid the majority of foods that are marked in red. I now exercise regularly and simply pay more attention to what I eat. I am going to stick to the program, and I hope that I’ll lose weight then. You probably also have to accept that you won’t weigh the same at 35 years old as when you were 25.

Susen K.

It's quite an effort to weigh everything, but it is worth it. However when you are sleep deprived, even sticking to the program won't help. The website is extremely slow, so I finally downloaded an app today to get a calorie index. The given recipes on your site and in the book don’t take seasonal fruit and vegetables enough into account. However, with time, gauging the quantities becomes a routine. I feel better on the whole thanks to this diet, but it has had no effect on my rheumatic pain yet.

Elisabeth K.

Normal diet program quite ok. I lost weight through the initial diet, and now I have switched to a gene diet. That is ok for me. I have tried to eat very low in fat, have paid close attention to it. However, it is not completely suitable for daily use. It is hard to accommodate it when going out to eat. The menu portal is too complicated for me, and it doesn’t show any alternatives. Completely changing your diet is not so simple in your work and family life.

Ingrid A.

A diet plan tuned to your genes is perfect and, in my opinion, easier to stick to. The chart with individual foods was very comprehensive. You can see better and long term results with this program. In addition, you can always easily restart the program, and I am getting satisfactory results even though I’m not sticking 100% to it.

Samira C.

More exercise and eating less is essential for any diet, all programs are the same in that regard. BUT: knowing what causes you personally to become fat enables you to make specific adjustments, and that is great. However, the result that I have an intense feeling of hunger and low satiety is not true in my case. I’m not hungry and am instantly satiated. To have 5 meals per day is difficult, two to thee are ok for me. I have achieved my target weight, but will still stick to the foods on the list, sometimes to compensate for foods that make you fat. Thank you very much for letting me take part in this, it was very interesting for me.

Carmen L.

It was not easy at first, but it works relatively well after a short period of time. It is quite frustrating that my weight kept going up again. In the beginning it was hard for me to give up on many foods that I like to eat, like chocolate, but after a while, it isn't quite as hard anymore. Sticking to the exercise program was not so hard, even though there were days where I could not bring myself to do it. The hardest thing for me was to eat something in the morning. It was a real change because before I never ate early. Unfortunately, I did not always manage to do that. 'Drinking plenty of liquid' is something I really have to start doing. I will continue to stick to this program because I have already seen a positive change to my body.

Marie-Eleonor B.

It was a bit complicated and tedious to always weigh everything at first. After a while, it went quite well though. It is somewhat exhausting to always stick to it. The exercise program was no problem. It was fun to get physically active. It is a good program to lose weight in the long term. Unfortunately, it takes a long time before one sees first successes.
The weight loss phase is not exhausting at all. I hardly ever feel hungry. However, I mostly took the items of which sufficient amounts were allowed. In general, this is a program that will make you reach your target.

Sabine K.

I was surprised to learn that my body can metabolize carbohydrates well, I had previously focused on avoiding them, among other things. I have now integrated more carbohydrates in my daily diet and have at least not gained any weight. I am also happy to know now that fat is like a bomb for me. Since I have already read up enough on nutritional principles, like sports nutrition among other things, I find that the importance of a sufficient protein intake has not been considered enough in the report. The program also provides a daily exercise schedule. Success cannot be achieved however most of the time without sufficient protein intake. The layout and report are well structured, analysis ok.

Maria F.

I had a big family and a small hotel. After everything was gone, I had no desire to cook, nor to eat. I am not going to cook elaborate meals in future either, but with the help of your chart I will eat “healthily” and cook what doesn’t take much effort but keeps my metabolism going. I live on the 9th floor and now forgo the lift once a day. By now I can do it without a breather. I also chose skipping from your program. I will continue with “my” program and thereby reduce my weight further. Thank you very much, you have helped me a lot, hence I can recommend you.

Inge M.

I am thrilled! I have finally found success in losing weight. Since I got the results of my gene analysis, weight loss has almost been effortless. Before I only had setbacks for years, despite constant sacrifice. At last I can eat freely now and still lose kilos fast. Taking part in this was the best decision in years! Not only am I losing weight quicker, but I am also much more motivated to keep going, because I am now sure I am using the right method. I’ve starved for years and refrained from carbohydrates because you hear about “bad” carbohydrates everywhere. Thanks a lot!

Claudia P.

I have been exercising for several years already. Unfortunately I could never achieve my goals because of my eating habits. With this program however I could radically change my eating habits. I have already seen huge differences in this short period. Not necessarily on the scales, but in the mirror. I also feel better and have more energy. This program made me aware that carbohydrates aren’t bad, but necessary. Thank you very much! I don’t want to lose any more weight, but I want to shape my body. I am simply going to go to the next phase.

Melissa G.

I would like to express my gratitude to be allowed onto this program. The analysis was interesting, comprehensive, and very well presented. So it was easy for me to find my way, and I could gain a lot of information for myself. Because I attended a nutrition course in Linz several years ago, I already knew a lot of it, and I have also been eating healthier since that course. Therefore, no additional change was necessary, it was more of an optimization. I quickly became familiar with the item system. At first it takes some effort, but after a short time it can be applied. Particularly regarding fatty foods, I realized that bigger portions had crept in again. I also had indulged in by eating more high fat cheeses. This I have changed. In terms of oils, I am already using rape seed oil, linseed oil, and extra virgin olive oil.

Heidi B.

I have started to reduce portion sizes. I now count calories. Unfortunately, I don’t have enough time for exercise. I have changed my diet a bit. I now buy lactose free products. Unfortunately, I am lacking the necessary discipline. It was Easter, plus three birthdays in these three weeks. I would like to thank you in any case.

Margareth L.

It is very interesting to learn which foods you should avoid and which foods are well tolerated. However, it is very difficult to stick to the indicated quantities, very difficult to apply in everyday life. But I’ll stick to the “good” foods in the future.

Nicole W.

It is interesting to find out what you have done wrong during previous attempts at dieting. It was easy for me to stick to the program. This program offers many possibilities; item system, foods with green bars, menu portal, as well as a menu for the day. It is also nice that you can see results from the outset, this makes it easier to stick to this program. The exercise program shows many ways to get physically active. I also think that this program is ideal for a long term diet change, and I think that it isn’t difficult to stick to the program in the long term. Hence a great program that I can recommend. The only negative really is the price. It’s worthwhile for overweight people with health risks, but I think it is too expensive for people who only want to lose a few kilos.

Patricia L .

It confirms that you eat too much. It also becomes clear that you will not get to your desired figure or weight without exercise and sensible eating. Unfortunately, it is quite hard to stick to the program when working, especially to the daily menus. What is very good is eating only the “green” foods. You can stick to that at all times. Overall a good but difficult approach to change your diet in a sustainable way. But I will try nevertheless to maintain the diet and my physical activities. For this reason I cannot recommend this program, because without discipline and commitment it is probably not for people who are hoping for a miracle.

Markus G.

I have looked for and found a DNA test. I received quick registration forms that were easy to understand. When phoning in, I spoke to a very nice lady. I am very surprised by my book. It is very clearly written. It shows the obvious weaknesses. It is well bound and of very high quality. I didn’t expect it to be so detailed. I was and am excited that less is more. I have mentioned this to many people who perhaps could still become test subjects. I think that this weight loss method has a future. This could lower the obesity of the population. Many thanks! I am a very athletic person, but I almost always weighed 80 kg or more, it was and is happiness to see the 7 kg.

Cornelia S.

I could put the program with the “green” foods into practice. I couldn’t use the other options - DNA-Portal and item system - well without instructions, or I was unsure about them. It would be very helpful if the foods were sorted alphabetically. It would’ve been great if you received a weekly meal plan, for example. This program has also ensured that I regularly do exercise or regularly move. I have lost 5 kg in the 3 weeks, and I can keep going. I am definitely going to keep going with this method. Overall, I also feel better and lighter, healthier and more agile. The analysis is also really interesting and informative.

Anna F.

The hardest thing for me was to stick to eating the foods that I was allowed to eat. (This is impossible according to the other methods.) I work 40 hours a week and eat lunch at my grandparents-in-law’s house. I would have tried to look for suggestions on the website, but it lags after (almost) every click. It was therefore impossible for me to work according to this program. The easiest thing for me was to burn 222 kcal by exercising. I love to do Zumba, and I also do aerobics. I had it well under control with my heart rate monitor. I personally would’ve found it better if there were more readymade dishes in the report with recipes in an annex. It is hard to live solely on the foods that are in the section. The terms “Cakes” and “Tarts” are also not very telling. It could be curd pie or Sacher Torte. It would also be appropriate to mention whether the quantities are for raw or cooked foods.

Carolin M.

The test was clearly formulated but not very personal. It sounded like a standard test. The foods are well set up, but the program is not explained well for laymen. However, after reading often for a long time and following it closely, the program is very understandable, but rather awkwardly explained. Otherwise, not a bad program at all. I have learned which foods are good, and I will make my eating plan the best it can be. Every kilo that I lose with this program is a good kilo.

Marianne W.

A normal diet was very hard for me at first. I was always hungry and always in a bad mood. However, I followed the instructions anyway, and I have lost a good amount of weight. I have also made sure that I move more than usual. The 3-week long gene diet was very comfortable. Because of the 5 meals per day, I was not constantly hungry, and didn’t have any cravings for sweets like I usually do. Towards the end, I wasn’t losing a lot of weight anymore, despite exercising regularly. I now know more about my body because of the gene research. I am going to continue following this program until I reach my desired weight. The daily weighing put me under a lot of pressure, it would also have been quite sufficient to weigh myself once a week, like the normal diet. What really makes me happy is that the program has helped me find fun in exercising again. Thank you for everything and friendly greetings!

Astrid G.

The report helped me a lot. Now I know what I need to pay attention to in my diet. The list of snacks that you can have any amount of was great! That way, I’m never hungry. You must not sacrifice anything and can easily put everything together. I lost 4.8 kg in the three weeks.
I am very satisfied with this achievement! I am also going to keep working a lot with this report. I am sure that I will soon reach my target weight. And all this without any stress.

Silvia G.

Overall, the program was relatively easy for me to put into practice. You get used to the item system quite quickly, even though it is a bit tedious to weigh the food every time. I only ate items on the list during the entire phase. But you know how much of which food you can eat just because of the weighing. You have to carefully choose your food so as to not get hungry throughout the day. You also manage this if you mainly eat foods with “very green” bars.
I had no trouble sticking to the daily exercise program. The result: I was considerably hungrier compared to a regular diet, even though I unfortunately didn’t lose more weight. However, a big positive is that even though the scales don’t show a massive weight loss, I can tell from my clothes that I have lost weight.

Renée W.

Even though I always ate quite healthily in the past and exercised regularly, I couldn’t lose weight. Since I’ve started the program, the pounds are dropping effortlessly, as if I had turned a switch. Admittedly, I am exercising a bit more than the program suggests, an hour of either aqua jogging or Nordic walking 4 to 5 times a week. Everything is done more consciously, and have more control through these tools. Rice and nuts used to be my favorite foods, but now are banned from the kitchen. It is easier than I thought. Today I put on a pair of trousers that I have last worn 9 years ago. The menu portal is maybe a bit too complex. I personally coped very well with the book. It is always in the kitchen for ease of reference.

Margret G.

The study was an interesting experience in any event. I get a lot of exercise and would also like to eat sensibly. In this respect I was able to gather a lot of important and interesting information from my personal report. Unfortunately a few results were unclear to me. For example, why is quinoa not good for me, but fries have a green bar? An explanation as to why that is would help. The numbers displayed on the side don't really mean much to me as “non-expert in nutrition.” Nevertheless I would like to continue to use this chart to eat healthier in the future. The same goes for the menu portal to get new ideas for meals, even though I don’t find it to be 100% developed yet. I have often not been able to find a useful combination of foods for a dish. All in all an interesting experience.

Eva M.

The report met my expectations. The report is professionally written. The variety of items is sufficient. The exercise program provides a lot of choice. The division into individual training sessions is also very good. There is a diet plan where the items can be entered. The menu portal is certainly easy to operate, but I was missing a better choice in vegan menus. Putting together the meals yourself is time-consuming. I am going to carry on with the program until I have reached my desired weight. Support is very fast, helpful, and friendly. I liked that a lot.

Melanie C.

Since I have read up quite a bit on nutrition in the past and also followed a healthy diet, except for counting calories, it wasn’t hard to start the program. I had trouble with the calories at first, and it was difficult for me to deal with it. The exercise plan was not hard at all because I exercise almost daily anyway. Over time it became easier to adhere to the calorie count, although I am still no fan of the counting. I paid more attention to calories now and I find that I need a lot less sugar. I have not reached my desired weight, but if I can stay at 55 kg, I am satisfied. Thank you that I could take part in this program, even paying attention to calories is not quite so hard.

Michaela B.

I stuck to the green recommendations and ate accordingly. I have avoided mainly butter and fats. I will continue to do this in order to maintain my weight, but I’m going to eat normally otherwise. I am looking forward to the cookbook. I think eating according to your genes is great. Thank you.

Karin E.

The program could be suitable for certain test subjects, but I have not seen the big benefit for myself. The recipes on the homepage were very tasty and easy to make. My weight varied greatly although I applied the program consistently. I often felt that my fingers and legs were swollen, my stomach was making funny noises. In general, I found the instructions to be more valuable than a regular diet.

Monika B.

The biggest and newest discovery for me was the split between proteins and carbohydrates, I probably had too many carbohydrates in the last few years from eating cereal bars, muesli, and digestive biscuits. I think I have changed my views due to your analysis. Another major discovery is the amount of calories that are burnt daily by exercising. I now try to be physically active for at least 30 minutes a day. It is often difficult, but I am really going to try to stick to it. I am also more aware of the split between carbohydrates and proteins now. I was amazed that with this change, a considerable weight loss was possible, even at my age .

Verena K.

I have managed to eat disciplined for three weeks. It was helpful that I could choose how I wanted to do the program. From the extensive food list, I could instantly see which foods are better avoided. That was also a massive learn effect for me. Within the exercise program I was particularly motivated by the exact specification of minutes. The choice of sports is also enormous. Overall, it is good to know that the program is matched to my individual genes. I think the result is impressive. I have lost a total of 4,1 kg. I am definitely going to keep going until I reach my optimal weight. And also after the weight loss phase, the program still stays with you.

Gabriela M.

Your report surprised me a bit, for example the no to carbohydrates. It shows the impact of nutrition on weight. I was able to work with the menu portal after some difficulties initially. However the item count in my view is not possible without a computer. Perhaps another column in the portal would be helpful for that. The number of calories for each given sport is really very helpful and was also very helpful for me personally. The problems that occurred during previous diets unfortunately also arose here, namely the fact that although you follow the instructions to the dot, the weight drops in very small increments. Therefore I will stick to this program like in the past 3 weeks, so I can reach my desired weight of 100 kg. In any case I would like to thank you for letting me take part in the study.

Michael S.

The analysis of the test has opened my eyes. Now I know why losing weight has been so difficult up to this point. I am thrilled with the menu portal. However, it still needs a few improvements. Sticking to the proposed foods was no problem. I do think, however, that I need to exercise more than suggested because my weight loss is stagnating.
The tip regarding vegetable broth for cravings in the evening was worth its weight in gold! As a married couple, we had a lot of fun compiling our weekly menus! nThank you!

Susanna S.

Sticking to the nutritional program was basically easy. I occasionally felt hungry and had cravings, which was disturbing. They concerned eating in general, not food specific cravings. I had to get used to the changed eating habits with regard to protein. Furthermore, there were days where I lost no weight, or only a little. Overall, I lost weight but sometimes in small steps. In principle I eat already a mainly healthy, low-fat diet. In comparison with my previous eating habits I have reduced the volume of food and amount of fat even further. The list of foods turned out to be very helpful, and the proposed quantities served as good targets. I will continue with this method to get to my desired weight, and it will be very helpful for this purpose. I am comfortable to recommend this program and its contents.

H.-Dieter P.

The first week of the weight loss program required the strictest of discipline. I often felt very hungry and weak during increased activity. This got better during the 2nd and 3rd week. Vegetable broth and drinking lots of water helped me in this regard. In the 2nd week I was surprised that despite feeling hungry, the scales would show only little weight loss every day. Perseverance rewarded me with better results in the 3rd week. It is easy to put the diet into practice with the item system and keep going with it. That way you know now how much of what you can put on the plate. I think this is the key to success in losing and maintaining your weight. I can really recommend this weight loss program. After a few weeks, you have internalized the most important items and their quantities, so you don’t have to look them up any longer.

Liselotte P.

I stuck almost exclusively to the foods with the green bars. The item system gave an indication of the quantities. At first it was not easy for me to forego foods like cheese, sweets, and cakes, but I got used to it by now. I also managed to drink coffee without milk. Bowl movements are perfect as long as I avoid the red foods. The great thing about this is I am no longer bloated. I could never figure out which foods were responsible for my flatulence. I have extended my exercise program to 4 to 7 days a week. Currently I cannot even imagine life without exercise. Most of the time, I run, do gymnastics and yoga, and play tennis. I was very satisfied with this program and hope that I can keep my weight constant.

Barbara P.

Overall very good. There were many tips that were very helpful. I followed many of the suggestions. Drink a lot of water, eat fruit and vegetables. These were easy to integrate into work days. I’ve been taking antidepressants for years which makes losing weight harder. However I was already satisfied with about 4 kg. This motivates me to keep going.

Monika E.

The program is easy to understand and offers plenty of information. The nutrition is very varied. Unfortunately, not much has changed, despite the chart. You don't have to starve, like with other diets. The detailed exercise program is described perfectly. I would like to have the exact results analysed in the near future in order do the diet again. I can only recommend this diet. My body only began to lose weight in the 3rd week, I think the kilos will drop from now.

Melanie M.

The analysis is very interesting. It only should become a bit more user-friendly. Considering its rigor, I also question if the program makes sense and leads to long-term success, if you look at other programs. The report itself is very detailed and has an interesting layout. With regard to sports activities I asked myself if one can really lose so much weight by doing housework.

Manuela L.

I was very curious about the analysis. My assumption that I tolerate carbohydrates really well was confirmed. The analysis is very interesting. It’s a shame that you only find out which foods on average are really suitable for you. I found the diet to be in order. I could eat 13 items a day. However, 2 of those items were already gone with one piece of bread. Although I tolerate protein well, I could only take about 4 g (in meat) per item. I also counted calories and only got to just under 1,000 calories per day. Too few calories according to many nutrition experts. With so few calories, I would have lost weight even without a DNA analysis. In spite of this it was fun, and as I said, the analysis was interesting.

Sandra F.

I find it very difficult to lose weight, and I have already tried so many diets, and nothing has helped me as quickly as the genetic diet. I wasn't aware that I react so negatively to carbohydrate, and so I never deliberately omitted them. The report explained everything so clearly that it was easy for me to stick to it as well as possible. Because of this program, I gladly went on the scales every day and have enjoyed the success. I am very happy to have taken part in your program, and I am sure that I will lose even more weight.

Daniela N.

I realized that it is certainly harder to lose weight without exercise. Since the menu portal did not really work, I stuck to counting calories and to the chart . It is good to know that carbohydrates have such an impact on me, because I started working in a bakery a few weeks ago. I will now make sure that I eat bread & co. within limits. Hence also the break between the two programs.

Kerstin E.

I really like the fact that you get the chance to take the gene test. The book is very interesting, but the abbreviations were very incomprehensible. You get more motivated to lose weight and exercise because you get more involved with nutrition and the book. I have lost 8 kilos and am very proud and satisfied. By now I have a personal trainer who supports me, and I go to the fitness studio 3 times a week.

Ratko M.

Nothing was correct in the behavioral analysis. The basal metabolic rate is also dependent on age, and there was no mention of it. Documents are easy to understand and appealing. The menu portal is very good and the meals are well structured. It is sometimes too time-consuming when you work long hours. You always have to weigh and count what you can eat during the day.
I find the exercises with caloric information very good, it would’ve been nice to have an explanation as to why you don’t tolerate certain things so well. I will keep trying to lose weight with this program, but it’s going very, very slowly.

Verena P.

It is easily doable for housewives, difficult for single parents with toddler because everything has to be cooked and prepared. I often don’t have a babysitter so I can't go exercise, I have therefore somehow done a short workout at home. Everything is structured so that it is easy to understand. The recipes in the menu portal are tasty and diverse. I am going to carry on a little bit more with the program, but I’m going to cook less. I find that this is a good diet, unlike other diets.

Nicole H.

I was very motivated at first because of the professional method. This motivation was dampened by fuzzy parts in the documents. It was dampened even further because the online menu portal cannot be used optimally. The success is long-term, and you realize that you don't have to expect a yo-yo effect immediately if occasionally you eat a normal portion. The exercise program was easy to stick to, and it defined clearly what happens if I don’t stick to it from time to time. The documents had allotted me the maximum in calorie reduction and exercise, here an even stricter assignment should be provided in the report in order to add credibility to the report.

Georg R.

The results made sense. Carbohydrates and fats make me overweight. I have an intense sense of hunger and a weak sense of satiety. When I get stressed, it makes me overeat. The program could have worked if I had had professional support and the foods had been more aligned to my preferences. But the daily weigh-in only stressed me out, and I have given up on the program.

Christel K.

type one is. The food list at the end was also very nicely designed. It was hard at first to adhere to the instructions. Also the exercise program was harder to put into practice than I had thought. However, after a while I got used to it and it became easier to apply. I have exercised a lot more than usual and took much more interest in the individual foods. Calculating my menus for the day is slowly becoming routine. I know the amount of calories in many foods, as well as how many carbohydrates, proteins, and fat they contain. I am going to recommend the program. It has already helped me very much. Many thanks.

Lisa-Marie B.

I found it very interesting to find out why I always gain weight. The choice in the exercise program really appealed to me because you could always opt for something new. I had problems with the proposed menus at first because I work full day and have very little time to eat. I mainly ate according to the item system. I will definitely keep using the program. I thought the structure and design of the booklet as well as the report were very appealing. It made the whole thing easier and also more interesting. An app for the study wouldn’t be bad. The good thing about this program is that you don’t have to starve. Overall, I am happy with it.

Ajla B.

When I received the big envelope, I was very motivated, and I spent the rest of the afternoon reading the whole book in one go. It’s good that you get specific instructions. You can easily apportion the proposed amounts and stick to them. I found the exercise program great, if I didn’t feel like it one day, I made up for it the next day. Knowing how many products you could eat made things easier. In combination with counting calories I could eat relatively simple and uncomplicated. My weight stagnated most of the time in week 1. I unexpectedly gained weight in the 2nd week, even though I was following the program to the dot. Unfortunately, I couldn’t lose any weight in the third week either, but I’m not giving up. I plan on carrying on with the program because I hope that even I will see change after a longer period of time.

Sinja B.

Eating 3 times a day was too much for me, even the portions were too big for me. Unfortunately, it hasn’t helped me, I’ve only lost 1 kilogram. I even exercised, but it still didn’t help. I am sure that this program definitely helps other people. I am going to start using your program again after the holidays. It is worth trying again! Thank you very much.

Manuela R.

You finally know how many calories you can eat and how much you have to exercise in order to lose weight or keep it steady. It is also good to see that I tolerate for instance few carbohydrates, now I know where my problems lie. It was difficult for me to put the item system into practice because you can’t always weigh something, and when I had eaten several foods at the same time, it was always very hard to calculate. The proposed daily menus did not meet my expectations, and it was too tedious for me to store all my foods in the menu portal.
It is good to know that you could get support from Nutri-Me products in case you aren’t making any progress. My weight is stagnating. I have therefore stuck to the foods that mainly have green bars.

Tanja Rabea N.
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