NutriMe Weight Management

Calorie uptake inhibitor according to your genes

As an add on to the weight management genetic test (Weight Sensor) you can further boost your weight loss success or make it easier to maintain your weitht through the genetically personalized NutriMe Weight Management supplement. Base on your genetic profile it reduces the amount of fat and carbohydrates calories from your food.

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NutriMe Complete

Individual micronutrients based on the genes

As an add on to the nutrition genetic test (Nutrition Sensor) you can ensure that your body gets the genetically determined optimal amount of micronutrients through the NutriMe Nutrition personalized supplements. Created on the basis on your unique genetic profile, it supplies more than 18 important micronutrients in the exact amounts your body requires.

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Book for Weight Sensor

This is not a diet plan with foods that you do not like, but your own, personalized recipe book.

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