Food List

The Food List

The food list contains more than 900 different nutrients that were evaluated based on your genetic profile, and allows you to easily increase your performance optimally.

Here you can see how the Food list will help you make your selection

Green trophy icons
Green trophy icons indicate, that the calorie balance in this type of food is optimal for your athletic performance. This type of food contains a good balance of calorie fuel for your muscles. The more green trophy icons a type of food has, the better it will influence your athletic performance.
Red trophy icons
Red trophy icons indicate that the distribution of calories in these foods is not optimal for your body. These foods do contain calories, but not the ones you need for optimal performance. Try to avoid these foods jsut before you want to perform athletically.
Warning - Order form information
If you have informed us of any allergies or intolerances that you suffer from or you just want to avoid some kind of food, you may find a warning symbol (!) in this section of the table. This means that this type of food may contain substances that can cause allergic reactions or symptoms of a food intolerance. This warning is solely based on the information you provided in the order form and no genes are tested for this section. PLEASE NOTE! This warning is a guideline to help you plan your diet and is in no way a complete and accurate list of ingredients. Always check the components of each food item you eat if you suffer from a known food allergy.
Warning - Genetic ingredients warning
A warning sign (!) in this column means that this type of food contains a substance that may cause digestion problems or other signs of a food intolerance due to your genetics. When eating these foods, watch for digestive problems or other signs and avoid these foods if necessary. If no problems occur, you can continue eating this food.