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Anyway, I'm fully convinced and enthusiastic about NutriMe. According to my last blood findings and the opinion of my doctor, I am well supplied with micronutrients. Thank you!

Ulrike B.

It is a big pleasure for me to give you feedback, since I received my "NutriMe-quota" for 3 months. The customer needs are fulfilled the best possible way. At my last order I have received a box with the month amount of vitamin pellets. This amount was also divided in the "daily rations" in order to take them in the morning. I have received NutriMe in small handy sachets with the already predetermined daily ration of vitamins. Since I am travelling a lot because of my job, this makes handling much easier for me! Just put it in your handbag and nothing stand in the way of your healthy daily vitamin boost!

Ulrike B.

Franz A.

Why did I order? I feel stronger and calmed when I take this nutrition. And I try to avoid Alzheimer. They say that vitamin B, magnesium and zink prevent Alzheimer. My mother got diabetes and later Alzheimer. Maybe it can be avoided. What we eat is also important. No sweets. Greetings from Sweden.

Maija T.

Julia G.

Doris P.

Since I take NutriMe daily I feel much better. It´s easy in use and I don´t need to take many different single vitamins. Very useful.

Regina R.
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