Optimized absorbtion in the body

Optimized absorbtion in the body

Proper intake of micronutrients in the body is a complex issue, since many of the substances can inhibit each other in the absorption. Therefore, it is of great importance, how, where and at what speed the micronutrients are released in the intestine.

Standard micronutrients:
Mutual uptake inhibition

Certain micronutrients are absorbed through the same processes / channels in the body. A good example of this is calcium and zinc. If a calcium / zinc powder mixture is taken in a gelatin capsule, both powder in the gut are free. The intestinal mucosa then begins for example calcium, typically in much higher dose, of a limited number of gated calcium channels. The zinc which should also be taken up via these channels is, however, displaced by the amount of calcium and will remain so in many cases mainly in the intestines until it is excreted. For this reason, certain micronutrients can not be administered together in the same form. We must be careful with micro-nutrients such as effervescent tablets or gelatin capsules that contain calcium and zinc.

Graphic 3) Recording certain blocking micronutrients

NutriMe Complete:
Optimized Recording Features

The micro transporter are prepared so that mutually blocking substances do not appear in the same beads. Thus, for example calcium is distributed to a location of the gut and zinc at a different point of the intestine. Thus, each of these micronutrients is taken far up by other blocking micronutrients. In addition, the uptake mechanisms are not as heavily used, so it would just come to receive one of micronutrients by the continuous but low distribution of micronutrients.

Graphic 4) Physically separate distribution for better absorption

It is very well known that certain micronutrients support each other during recording. Therefore, Vitamin D and Calcium are distributed together from the same micro transporter so that the absorption of micronutrients is made possible.

Certain fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamin E carries fats that need to be taken into the body. For this reason, it is often recommended that vitamin E preparations be taken along with a fatty meal. Here, the Vitamin E can be dissolved in dietary fat and is taken over in the body. The micro transporter used to store the vitamin E with fats comes hours in connection and then eventually can be added. Before the meal, it is absorbed to a lesser extent by the combination with the omega 3 fatty acids, phytosterols also contained in NutriMe Complete in the body.

Graphic 5) Optimized recording of each micronutrient

A lifelong product always according to the latest state of scientific knowledge

Science always leads to new insights in the field of genetics, disease prevention and micronutrients. Since NutriMe Complete is a lifetime Applicable micronutrient preparation, we have the ability to customize each new mixture individually to new conditions such as your new age, new scientific findings and new recommendations in the healthy diet. Therefore, the individual micronutrient amount is easy to change and individually adapted to the new circumstances. Thus NutriMe Complete is compiled according to your genes and is put together according to the latest developments in science and technology.

A product based on various analysis

Various analysis from our portfolio can influence the compilation of NutriMe Complete. Thus, it does not matter whether you have the Nutrition Sensor for Healthy Eating, the Sport Sensor for best athletic performance or the Breast Milk sensor for optimal micronutrients in breast milk. All the results that are available with us can be automatically integrated and at no extra cost in NutriMe Complete.