Genetic Personalization

NutriMe Complete - Genetic Personalization

Individual micronutrient mixture according to your genes

Calcium is needed by the body to maintain normal bone (-mass). Selenium, Vitamin C and E help protect the body against oxidative stress, and vitamin B6 helps to normalize the homocysteine ​​metabolism. All of these positive effects of vitamins are widely known and there are a variety of products that promise such protection for the body. These preparations are always under the "One size fits all" principle, each created and offered under the same dosage. This was until now the only way, since the actual individual nutritional requirements previously could not be measured. Today we know that some people carry more than twofold increased risk of osteoporosis due to genetic defects. For these people, our scientists therefore recommend (in addition to other preventive measures) a much higher dose of bone-protective micronutrients than people with a low risk. Through our analysis, we tested 50+ known genes that increase the risk of more than 20 different metabolic problems in which the correct intake of micronutrients plays an important role. Through our patent-filed system, it is now possible to determine on the basis of your genetic analysis your individual micronutrient requirements. Due to this unique recipe, we can now create a custom blend for you.

Put together just for your genes

Through the possibilities of human genetics,individual need for certain micronutrients can be determined. Because there are several possible outcomes in these large number of genes of about 700 trillion, it is not possible to cover the individual needs of people with a few standard products. For this reason, each NutriMe Complete is compiled individually for each person and reshuffled. So everyone gets exactly the recommended dose of micronutrients that you need according to your genes. But vitamins are not the same vitamins. Read more about the features that have been incorporated into the development of NutriMe Complete to create your own individual and high-quality micronutrient products.

The Micro-transporter technology

The vitamins and minerals during processing are packed into small beads, called microtransporter. This makes it easy to mix different amounts of individual micro transporter and their micronutrients. In some people, the final mixture contains a higher content of vitamin C-containing micro transporter, while in others a higher proportion of calcium-containing micro transporter. This can be created through a targeted mix of any micronutrient recipe quickly and accurately. In addition, the micronutrients are better protected against oxygen as they are packed in hard micro transporter and stay much longer in comparison to, for example, dissolved micronutrients.