Highest quality of raw materials

Highest quality of raw materials

NutriMe Complete consists of a variety of different raw materials, which are selected according to the highest quality standards and high quality finish. Special attention will be on bioavailability (how well and quickly the micronutrient can be added), compatibility and purity.

Biological or pharmaceutical sources?

Vitamins and minerals can be obtained from various sources. On one hand, there is the pharmaceutical preparation, where the vitamins, minerals and salts are produced in chemical reactions and then purified. On the other hand there are natural, biological resources. Often plants which have a high concentration of these nutrients are harvested and then concentrated. The resulting extract is then highly enriched in the desired vitamin. Pharmaceutically manufactured vitamins as well as natural vitamins all have their advantages and disadvantages. Pharmaceutically produced vitamins are usually heavier and more stable in storage. With higher dosage, you need to administer less space, thereby reducing the tablet size required. They are also produced as pure vitamins that are very easy and accurate to dose. As a drawback, they often have a lower bioavailability. This means that the inclusion of synthetic micronutrients is lower than that of biological sources. Biological micronutrients have the advantage of better bioavailability and so they are faster and better in the body. They are usually better tolerated and due to their biological origin, they are a natural alternative. As a disadvantage, even highly concentrated extracts still contain only small amounts of a particular vitamin. For this reason, a larger volume of vitamin is needed to a certain amount in the body. The tablet size is thus significantly greater particularly in the supply of a plurality of different vitamins and minerals. NutriMe Complete takes advantage from both sources, and combines them into a product. So a large part (about 80%) of the micronutrients that are used for NutriMe Complete are obtained from biological sources. This results in better bioavailability and improved tolerability of the product. The Downside is unfortunately a larger volume of micro transporters, which must be taken as a daily dose. For a better long-term stability, lower volume and more accurate dosing of pharmaceutically manufactured vitamins and minerals are still produced according to the highest pharmaceutical standards (about 20% of the total mixture). In this way you have the best of both sources of micronutrients with NutriMe Complete.

Natural source of calcium and trace elements from calcified algae

The calcium, magnesium, and a portion of some of the trace elements of NutriMe Complete are obtained in the North Atlantic Ocean from special calcified seaweed (Lithothamnion sp.). The algae grow in cold, contamination-free, mineral-rich waters and accumulate with more and more pure minerals as they age. After the calcified algae have been harvested, they are processed to a natural mineral powder, which has a markedly higher bioavailability compared to chemically prepared mineral salts. In addition to the main constituents, calcium and magnesium of this raw material also includes bioavailable trace elements such as selenium, boron, sodium, copper, iodine, nickel, zinc, iron, corridor, cobalt and others in small quantities. By pure waters of the plantations, the heavy metals are far below the limits of concern and through the natural cultivation of the algae, they do not contain allergens, are suitable for vegetarians and vegans, and do not contain genetically modified organisms.

Bioavailable marine magnesium is an alternative

Instead of chemically produced magnesium salts, the magnesium used in NutriMe Complete is made from pure seawater. Thus, it has better bioavailability and is free from contaminated substances.

List of micronutrients and their sources

Folic acidImmediately
Vitamin B12Immediately
Vitamin B2Immediately
Vitamin B6Immediately
Vitamin D3Immediately
Vitamin CImmediately
Vitamin E (α-Tocopherol)Immediately
Alpha lipoic acidImmediately
Coenzyme Q10Immediately