Legal Notice

Doctor’s qualifications based on the Genetic Diagnostics Act

Medical Advertising Protection Act

Trained physicians, focusing on providing the proper care and counseling of the patient, should conduct medical genetic testing, with the aim to diagnose or predict diseases. No patient should be confronted with a genetic risk of illness, without benefiting of the appropriate medical assistance. For this reason, genetic analyzes for medical purposes are permitted only with a physician's signature; the physician should be qualified for asking the analyses, this depending also on the type of analysis requested (diagnosis or predictive).

The genetic laboratory is located in Austria, which means that Austrian law on the analysis applies, because the lab must of course comply with the national laws. According to Austrian law, the education is regulated as follows:

  • Diagnostic genetic tests that can diagnose existing diseases can be requested by doctors of any training.
  • Predictive genetic testing regarding the risk for future diseases may be requested only by specialists in the corresponding field.
  • Life-style genetic analyzes that diagnose or predicts a diseases, is independent of the physician’s qualifications.

At the time of applying for a genetic analysis, the doctor must prove that he is entitled to apply for such an analysis.