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NutriMe Weight Management

NutriMe Weight Management

Calorie uptake inhibitor according to your genes

As an add on to the weight management genetic test (Weight Sensor) you can further boost your weight loss success or make it easier to maintain your weitht through the genetically personalized NutriMe Weight Management supplement. Base on your genetic profile it reduces the amount of fat and carbohydrates calories from your food.

By genetic analysis, we know how sensitive you are to fat and carbohydrates. As support, we offer an optional medical device customized to your genes, containing a tried and tested clinically active ingredient tailored to your genes, regulating the relationship between fat and carbohydrate inhibitors.

Depending on the degree of sensitivity to fat, up to 26% of the fat can be bound in the food, and will not contribute to gaining weight. Depending on the degree of the sensitivity to carbohydrates, their absorption rate in the intestines can be reduced by up to 2/3. This reduces the weight gain in a simple way, and increases your success in losing weight. Since each person requires a different dosage of the active ingredients, the product is mixed according to your genes together in the right proportion, and sealed in individual blister packs. Take the content of one of these blisters with water, before each of the two main meals.

Medical product with clinically proven effect

The carbohydrate blocker component of the product is certified according to the standards and directives 93/42/EEC, which means that it has been tested through clinical trials and its effect has been scientifically proven.

The active ingredient is made from natural plant materials (genetic engineering -free) and can reduce the absorption of carbohydrate by up to 66%, according to clinical studies, depending on the dosage. The carbohydrates can be broken down into smaller components (glucose) in the intestine, and absorbed as calories in the bloodstream.

The fat binder component of the product is also a certified according to the specifications and directives 93/42/EEC, and its effect is scientifically proven. The active ingredient is prepared from plant fiber, and has the capability to absorb the fat in the intestine as a sponge, bind it, and thus stop it from contributing to weight gain. Scientific studies have shown that up to 26.6% of the ingested fat can be bound in this way.

Genetic analysis is required

To order NutriMe Weight Management, we must first analyze your genes, which enables us to compile your custom mix for weight loss. The genetic analysis is available in DNAnutriControl program under Weight Sensor.


If you already have a genetic analysis carried out, you can simply order here in the Shop .

A daily ratio consists of two packs, one to be eaten before breakfast OR lunch, and the other one for consumption before dinner. Please find the exact intake recommendations in the leaflet.

While NutriMe Weight Management consists of registered medical products, the repackaging according to the personal genetics causes the product to no longer be classed as a registered medical product.

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