Food List

Food List

Since we can find out, through a genetic analysis, which energy sources (fat or carbohydrates) are causing obesity for you, we can evaluate the nutrients according to your own genes.

Food list contains more than 900+ different nutrients that were evaluated based on your genetic profile, and allows you to easily lose weight based on the information provided by your genes.

Here you can see how Food list will help you make your selection

Green bars

Small green bars indicate that this food is good for your genes. Try to mainly create your diet based on food from the green area, to effectively lose weight, without feeling hungry.

Green faces

Green faces mean that this food contains certain substances that are particularly healthy for you, based on your genetic profile. Try to base your meals on the green category, in order to have a healthy diet.

Red bars

Red bars mean that this food is bad for your genes, because of the distribution of the contained calories. Try to avoid the food from the red zone, especially since the portions are usually very small and not satiable.

Green numbers

Green numbers mean that the amount of this ingredient has exceeded a certain limit in a typical serving, and thus it is particularly healthy for your genes. A food may still be negative for you, if it contains large amounts of negative ingredients.

Red numbers

Red numbers on the food ingredients mean that, when the amount of this ingredient in a typical serving exceeds a certain limit, it has negative effects on your health. A food may still have positive effects, if other ingredients outweigh the negative effect.

Warning symbol

A warning symbol indicates that this food contains a substance, which could trigger problems or negative symptoms (but this is not mandatory). Please observe if the consumption of this food leads to digestive problems, and further avoid it. If no discomfort occurs, you can continue to eat this food in the future.

Warning - Allergy

If you have specified in the order that you suffer from allergies, please consult the allergy column – you may occasionally see a warning symbol. This means that this food contains a substance that CAN trigger your allergy. This warning is based only on your input, and not on the result of the genetic analysis. ATTENTION! This is a rough indication of possible allergens, which is by no means complete. If you suffer from food allergies you should always check the ingredients of each food.

The Food list is included in each DNAnutriControl program, and helps you lose weight or eat healthy, or even do both in the same time.