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Sport Sensor - optimized nutrition and training program based on your genes

Certain genetic variations control the structure of your body, and therefore have a significant impact on the strength and endurance of your muscle cells. Because of these genes, some genetic types are ideally suited to respond quickly and generate high forces (large and thick cells), whereas other genetic types have muscle cells which are weaker and slower, but because they have an improved blood circulation are optimally suited for endurance sports.

Scientific studies have shown that an athlete has a 5x higher chance of qualifying for Olympic / World Cup League in a sport suitable for his genes, than in any other sport. Genetic analysis thus allows identifying your genetic talent for strength or for endurance sports, and you can define your athletic orientation accordingly.

Your genes also control how your body absorbs certain nutrients and converts them in order to remain healthy. There are differences in the absorption of calcium, in how the body responds to certain food ingredients or how it performs the detoxification from performance impairing pollutants, and in what micronutrients are needed in order to keep the joints healthy. Through an analysis of more than 52 genes, it is possible to identify the metabolic deficiencies that may have an influence on health and on sports performance, and to neutralize these influences. A genetic analysis will provide valuable information about what nutrients your body needs for optimal health and athletic performance. The genetic sports nutrition program helps you to make the most of your genetic strengths and weaknesses, in order to achieve even better performance.


"I was very happy that I had done the test!
Through it I have now found the perfect energy sources for my body. Before, I simply felt tired and drained in between and even had problems with my stomach. I am also much more efficient than before the analysis.
In the first place it is nice that I don’t have to experiment my way through the dieting jungle anymore and I know exactly what my body needs, thanks to the analysis.
I am also happy that my stomach problems have completely disappeared since I switched to the DNAnutriControl diet plan."

Linus Fernström

I have always trained and have always been interested in nutrition and ingredients. Because of SPORT SENSOR, I don’t need to experiment with the many diets and suggestions anymore. I now have found a reliable source of information in SPORT SENSOR.
In addition I am taking NutriMe Complete which supplies me with vitamins and minerals according to my genes. Because of NutriMe, I feel considerably healthier and fresher in mind and body."

Roland Nilsson

"During my preparations for the Swedish championships, I followed the instructions from my DNA analysis and thereby found out what this test brought me.
My body reacted very positively to the changes in my diet that were proposed in alignment with my genetic analysis. I felt fresher than ever, and my body had much more energy than before the gene analysis. Hence I will keep following SPORT SENSOR’s recommendations, not only for presentation reasons, but also for the purpose of my health.

NutriMe Complete complements my training perfectly. These quantities of vitamins and minerals, aligned to my individual requirement for micro nutrients, is the optimal prerequisite for my athletic performance.
Many thanks to the DNAnutriControl Team for the helpful results."

Jonas Zackrisson

"Thank you that I was allowed to achieve such a change.
Since the analysis I have been eating exactly according to my genetic profile in SPORT SENSOR, and I am benefiting greatly from it.
I generally feel much better, am more receptive, sleep a lot better, and feel fresher than ever before. My athletic performance has also improved in this context. Now having a “bad” day is like having my best playing day before the analysis."

Nicklas Lasu

"It is nice to know what to eat in order to lose weight and also to maintain it easily later on, without having to change your diet completely.
My entire body feels much fresher now that I know which diet gives me the nutrients that are good for me. Back in the day when I played ice-hockey, I was always surprised by how differently I felt from one day to another.
Now, many years after the end of my career, I have discovered through SPORT SENSOR how I should’ve eaten in order to have optimal energy. Unfortunately a little too late :) It is nice to now have DNA analyses at your disposal. They allow me to live a healthier and more valuable life!"

Terho Koskela

"I like being updated every time with all available novelties. This is why I’ve accepted [the] proposal to run a test that will help me personalize even more, at DNA level, my training and my diet. The 200 pages report is about me. YES, it’s a book with my name on it and is about my body and me and how I can succeed performing at my best in the sport I love."

Catalina Ponor

„This was the first time I did a genetic test and I was surprised what you could measure with DNAnutriControl and that I did not know so much about myself! Every one of the tests (Nutri, Health, Sport) gave me valuable and clear insights how I can better utilize my genetic strengths and handle the weaknesses, how I can improve my athletic performance and how I can prevent disease. Especially the NutriMe supplements appear to be very convenient and important.
I have recommended the tests to many friends already!"

Thomas Bubendorfer

"I suggested I have an assumption for good endurance as well as for power. The analysis shows it is true. It was nice surprise reading this. Now I can change something on my training and be sure I am not losing time.

If I eat only what the analysis recommends me I feel better, fresh and lightly. If I break it I can feel immediately a difference. I have changed the way of nutrition. I do not take to school any biscuits anymore but an apple. Surprisingly I am sated and it is enough for me. I should not eat any chocolate. On the other hand all fish and seafood are allegedly good for me. But I hate it. The same with the guts. Either I learn to eat it or… However the analysis recommends me a lot of foodstuff I like and which is enriching me. Nowadays I am following the recommendations from my Sport Sensor analysis, only seldom I get a little piece of a chocolate or biscuit.

Right now I am injuried. My elbow has been sprained. It was already at the end of a training. I was already exhausted. And indeed, in the analysis, it is written that I am prone to fatigue injury. I had already ugly broken leg and broken finger. All of them happened in last 15 minutes of training and last struggle of a championship. So I usually have these injuries. The analysis recommends me to be more rehearsing before training, so I'm doing it now to prevent next injuries. Moreover I learn to listen to my body and signals of feeling tired."

Silvia Tománková
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